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The English Ale

A Selection of Pictures from Previous Ales

Petal 2005
Petal the pageant giant - May 2005

Procession 2005
Hot for Joe dance in the Torchlight Procession - May 2005

H4J and Pan
Pan leads the Procession - May 2005

H4J Procession
The girls strut their stuff...and Evie runs for cover!

Petal, Giant of the Hills (GOTH) plus 'obby 'oss and guisers

Bonfire 2005
The Bonfire - May 2005

Mummmers Play
"How do you know he's King?" "Well, he's the only one not covered in Sh#t!"

Mummmers Play 2
"This will hurt you more than it hurts me..."

Torchlight Procession 2004
Hot for Joe and Petal - May 2004

Procession 2004
Hot for Joe and guisers lead Petal - May 2004

Ian mask
Impressive gold mask - May 2004

D+V mask
More impressive masks - May 2004

Peacock mask
Reveller in a peacock mask - May 2004

The Bonfire
One of the guisers by the bonfire - May 2004

Morris dancer and Bonfire
A Morris dancer in front of the bonfire - May 2004

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