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Debby Ward

22/01/1959 - 21/01/2010

Beautiful Deb

Beautiful Deb; Fleurieu Folk Festival 2009

On Thursday the 28th of January 2010, Morris Dancers, Belly Dancers, Folk Singers and Family gathered together at the S.A. Folk Centre for a ritual and final rite of passage for their friend Debby Ward, who sadly slipped from this life the previous Thursday after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer.

Day for Deb

Dancing at Day For Deb; Port Adelaide 2009

Debby was an amazing girl with such incredible energy, a true 'old soul and wise woman'. Debby was the Dancing Queen – she danced with Sacred Tribe, Cinnabar Red Tribal Belly Dancers, Sabaat Noir Dancers and Hot For Joe Morris. When the music started you couldn't keep her still. When she walked into a room it was like the stars coming out, such was her inner beauty and light.

Faerie Deb

Deb at the Faerie Ball; Verdun 2008

Debby requested her final rite and farewell to be at the S.A. Folk Centre where she had attended many concerts and danced either to the bands she loved or with her dance groups. Deb's final rite of passage was an Earth-based rite which included her dance teams performing around her. As she was farewelled from the hall with Spiral Dance and her friends singing the chant 'We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return, like a drop of rain, flowing to the ocean' an arch of honour was raised with Morris Sticks for her to pass under.

Dancing Faerie Deb

Dancing at the Faerie Ball; Verdun 2008

Debby will be missed by everyone who knew her – she is dancing with the Goddess.

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